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NEW Partsdrop Website - COMING SOON
The new site will be smart-phone friendly and will have piles of good information.
- ¡Nuestro nuevo sitio web incluirá traducción al español también! -

We can't wait to have it up and running ! See the sneak peek below:


A few New products:
DC700FPS NEW: Fuser Pressure Sleeves @$45.-
(especially designed for the higher speed models)
DC700FRK NEW: Fuser Rebuild Kits @$125.- (for rebuilding 008R13065)
(With the new DC700 version of the Pressure Sleeve)
5945CN NEW: Drum CRUM for 113R669 (WC-5945/5955)
5945FCN NEW: Fuser CRUM for 109R847 (WC-5945/5955)
V80CN NEW: Drum CRUM for 013R00674 / 013R00676 (V80/180, V2100/3100)

The Parts Drop  provides the Parts, Supplies, and Information needed to keep Xerox brand low-to-mid volume copiers, printers, and fax machines running like champions! 

& Exporters


  Here you'll find our Catalog of Xerox® copier, printer, and facsimile machine parts.  You'll find descriptions, and in many cases illustrations of the most commonly requested parts for the Xerox® machines which we support.  The Parts Drop online Catalog is laid out in "Styles", as is the printed version of our Catalog / Field Guide... These styles are groups of similar machines.  Always order by Exact Model Number as many parts are model specific. You will be prompted to fill in the Exact Xerox® Model Number for each of the items in your Cart at Check-Out.  This helps us to catch potential mistakes in ordering, and makes it easier for us to serve you with the correct parts.
  Keep in mind, our Catalog of Xerox® parts covers only the most common parts... if you find the model in our "Supported Model" list, but don't see the part you need, please ask us... we can usually help.  If you don't find the model you're looking for in our "Supported Models" list, we may still be able to help... Check our "Miscellaneous Category" and feel free to call us to inquire about the part you need.

  • Parts from the Oldest to the Newest:   We continue to stock parts for the oldest Vintage Xerox® copier models (550, 3100, 1025, 1035, etc. etc.).  We also cover some of the newest multifunction machines (Pro123, WC 5225, WC 4150, etc.). We have parts for the DocuColor 250 style (DC240/242/250/252, WC 5655/5665/5675), also for the Workcentre 7132 family, and have been adding to our support for WorkCentre 7425 series of machines. Check out our Phaser parts, we're expanding support for several of these models as well.
  • Parts not spared by  Xerox®:   Even if you don't find a part number in one of the OEM Parts lists, we can often come up with the parts you need... Ask us!   This includes items such as fuser gears and heat rollers which are only spared as complete fuser modules by Xerox®. 
  • Reliable Supplies at Affordable Prices:   Toner, print and copy cartridges; both OEM and generic are available.  We offer Brand New cartridges in plain packaging at excellent prices in many cases.
  • Reconditioning Supplies & Parts:   We stock Toners, Developers, Drums or Photoreceptor Belts, Cleaning Blades, CRUMs (connectors or chips) and other parts for rebuilding cartridges.  We have Connectors or chips for many of the Xerox® brand cartridge types and the information about how to reset the drum count for each model.
  • Copycentre, Workcentre, Documentcentre, & Docucolor & Parts:   Whether your machine is a Xerox® copier (Copycenter or Copycentre), a Xerox® Printer (Workcenter or Workcentre), a Xerox® fax or facsimile (Faxcenter or Faxcentre), a Xerox® color multifuntion (Color, or DocuColor), or other Xerox® multifunction machines (DocumentCentre or Docucentre), we know the differences and similarities within each "style" of machines.


  • Technical Information Sheets are available for many of our supported "Styles";  including Status Codes, Diagnostic procedures, and Customer Programmable features. 
  • Reconditioning Instructions can be printed out, detailing how to refill or rebuild Xerox copy and toner cartridges.
  • News Articles can be found... published by ENX Magazine and written by Britt Horvat, one of our own.


  • For Paper Feed Sections: We offer feed tires, nudger and separation rolls... clutches, springs, solenoids, and sensors.
  • For Fusers: We have upper fuser heat rollers, lower pressure rolls, and cleaning rollers.  Also the fuser heat rod, fuser drive gear, thermal fuse, themistor, heat sleeves, bushings, bearings, and picker fingers.  Even unusual requests such as fuser covers, terminals, or actuators aren't unusual to us.
  • For the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF): Whether you're looking for consumable parts such as the document belt...   or you need something more obscure such as a control board, a clutch, a motor, a hinge, or just about any spare part...   we have what you need.
  • For the Sorter: We can usually help get the pieces you need and in some cases we may have an affordable reconditioned or good used sorter.
  • For the Cartridges: The cartridges are the most common items needing service these days...  if you can fix the machine, you are certainly capable of repairing or rebuilding the cartridge.  Don't turn this part of the business away!
  • For the rest of your Xerox® machine: Whether you need something from the duplex module, high capacity feeder (HCF), finisher, scanner or SDF, we can come up with just about any gear, pulley, shaft, motor, lamp or mirror you need.


  Welcome to The Parts Drop®
Xerox® SUPPLIES:  Find a wealth of good deals on toner or dry ink cartriges, drum or copy cartridges.  All searchable by your model number.

INFORMATION WITH YOUR Xerox® SUPPLIES:  Installation instructions are available for your supplies on request...  also, some of our supplies come with an Owners Technical Sheet which provides you with a convenient reference sheet about your machine...  adjustments, status code meanings, supply yields, etc.

Xerox® SUPPLY SUPPORT:  If you ever have a problem with a product which you purchased from us, help is a phone call away.  We have technicians on staff who are specialized in Xerox® machines...  we can help solve a majority of problems right on the phone.  Read about our excellent warranty policies.

INFORMATION SOURCES:  Guidance finding information about your Xerox® machine.  A place to find Owners Manuals, ask your questions, or even read about how you might refill your own toner cartridges.

FINDING A TECHNICIAN:  We can often help you find an independent technician if you don't already know a good technician who's willing to work on your Xerox® machine.  Many perfectly capable techs will not work on the Xerox® brand because they don't know how to get parts nor the support they need to solve problems...  many of them are willing once they have been introduced to us.

RETAIL Xerox® PARTS SALES:  We highly recommend that you have your technician order the parts they need to repair your machine, however there are situations when it is appropriate for you to order parts for yourself.  You can find Retail Prices on our website...   Please keep in mind that the Wholesale Price is available only to customers of ours who are in the business of repairing office equipment for their customers.  Some items such as paper cassettes, exit trays, paper stops and the likes can be found along with the supplies listed for your model.


Welcome to The Parts Drop®...
Now you can say "YES" to fixing Xerox® machines!

  • FULL COVERAGE OF PARTS:  When we support a model, we cover it from Feed to Fuser.  We provide as full a line of Xerox parts as we possibly can, including choices between OEM parts, generic parts and good used parts.  If you need it, we probably have it in stock.
  • ASSISTANCE IDENTIFYING PARTS:  Don't have a Xerox® part number?  No problem...  we know most of the parts by description and are willing to fax or email you a picture if clarification is needed.  Our Catalog / Field Guide shows pricing on many of the most commonly requested parts including some obscure parts which are known to break.  You will also find illustrations of many of the parts to help boost confidence that you've found the correct part you need.
  • THE INFORMATION YOU NEED:  Many of our parts come with information on how to properly install the parts, how to avoid some of the known pit falls and how to reset counters or status codes.  Our Catalog / Field Guide includes a wealth of information at your finger tips...  Carry it with you.  You'll find Status Codes, code reset information, toner and drum cartridge details and the likes.
  • A SAFETY NET OF FRIENDS:  We are here as a safety net if you have a technical question...  If you call in with your exact model number and a status code, our Sales Staff can fax you some information...  or you can fax in more complicated questions such as copy quality issues (include a copy of the symptom if possible) to our Technical Support folks.


Welcome to The Parts Drop®...
Supporting the Service end of your business.

While you as a dealer enjoy a strong and valuable relationship with Xerox® Corporation, we can help to supplement your parts purchasing abilities and support the Service end of your business.   Following are some of the times when we will serve you well:

  • PARTS RESTRICTIONS:  Does Xerox® limit the models you can buy parts for?  We can help you fill in the gaps to serve your customers better.  Lets face it, there are few things which will turn a customer off to a brand quicker, than to be turned away on service by a dealer because a machine which they own and love "is no longer supported".  If the customer wants it fixed, fix it...  then later they'll remember you when they go to buy a new machine.
  • NON SPARED PARTS:  Let's say you find a Fuser Drive Gear broken on a customer's machine...   and Xerox® only spares it as part of a complete Fuser Module. It never feels quite right installing several hundred dollars worth of fuser module because of a broken gear...   In many cases, we find a way to spare those parts. Whether its a fuser lamp, fuser roller, or a gear, we can often help. Likewise, we often come up with just the rubber tires to save you money on some of the higher priced feed roll assemblies and kits.  
  • GOOD USED & REPAIRED BOARDS:  Sometimes it makes sense to use a board out of a good working machine instead of spending a fortune on a new one.   We often can help in this respect.   Our boards are carefully checked out and failures are extremely rare.  We pay attention to differences in board versions / software upgrades.   We can also offer repaired Power Supplies in many cases.


The Parts Drop® serves a wide range of other vendors.  We can set you up with the proper parts and insight to help you to successfully include Xerox® parts among the services you provide your customer base.   If you have questions, technical or otherwise, we are here for you.  We are well aware that there are some parts on which we can provide you considerable savings and there are other parts which you can get at an advantage elsewhere. We'll help to steer you right.

  • INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING:  We're experienced in preparing documents and exporting to virtually any part of the world. We use a variety of freight carriers depending on the destination and the size of the shipment
  • Xerox® PARTS QUOTES:  We can provide price quotes for whatever quantity of parts you are looking for... If you have a list of parts you'd like to inquire about, please contact us by phone or fax.  We'll provide you with our email address and ask that you send your list as an Excel spreadsheet if possible.  Always include requested quantities in your requests for quotes so that we can quote you appropriately.

Xerox copier parts from

2009 Catalog Cover
Listed by "Style"
(Groups of similar models)
A quick access list to our best stuff!
Xerox® 660 style
Xerox® 700 family
(Found in the DC250 style)
Digital Color Press 700

Xerox® 1012 style
1012, 5011, 5012, 5014
1012 style by OEM#s
Xerox® 1020 style
1020 style by OEM#s
Xerox® 1025 style
1025, 1038
Xerox® 1035 style
1035, 2830
Xerox® 1040 style
1040, 1045, 1048, 5042
Xerox® 1050 style
1050, 5050, 5051, 5052,
5053, 5345, 5355, BK35
Xerox® 2300 style
Xerox® 2510 style
2510, 2515, 2520, 3001
Xerox® 3030 family
(Found in the 2510 style)
3030, 3040, 3050, 3060
Xerox® 3100 style
2600, 2700, 3100, 3107,
3109, 3300, 3400, 3450
Xerox® 4110 style
WorkCentre 4110, 4112, 4127, 4590, 4595
Xerox® 4150 style
WorkCentre 4150, 4250, 4260
4150 style by OEM#s
Xerox® 5008 style
5008, 5009, 5307, 5308,
5309, 5310, 5208, 5240,
5260, 5280
Xerox® 5018 style
5016, 5018, 5021, 5028,
5034, 5126, 5321, 5328,
5334, 5624, 5626, 5818,
5820, 5824, 5826, 5828,
5830, BK21, XC1875, XC2675
Xerox® 5046 style
5046, 5047, 5335
Xerox® 5220 style
5205, 5210, 5220, 5222,
Xerox® 5225 family
(Found in the C123 style)
WorkCentre 5222, 5225 & 5230
Xerox® 5305 style
5201, 5203, 5305, 5306,
XC351, XC355, XC356
Xerox® 5312 style
5312, 5313, 5314
Xerox® 5318 style
5318, 5320, 5322,
5330, 5622
Xerox® 5325 family
(Found in the C123 style)
WorkCentre 5325, 5330 & 5335
Xerox® 5340 style
5337, 5340, 5343, 5350,
5352, 5437, 5441, 5451,
5665, 5837, 5845, 5855

5340 style by OEM#s
Xerox® 5614 style
5614, 5113, 5114
Xerox® 5632 family
(Found in the C35 style)
5632, 5638, 5645,
5655, 5665, 5675, 5687
Xerox® 5735 family
(Found in the C35 style)
5735, 5740, 5745,
5755, 5765, 5775, 5790
Xerox® 7042 style
4010, 4011, 7041, 7042
Xerox® 7132 style
WorkCentre 7132, 7232, 7242
Xerox® 7425 style
WorkCentre 7425, 7428, 7435
Xerox® 7525 family
(Found in the 7425 style)
WorkCentre 7525, 7530, 7535, 7545 & 7556
Xerox® 7328 family
(Found in the C32 style)
WorkCentre 7328, 7335, 7345, 7346,
WorkCentre 7228, 7235, 7245
Xerox® 7655 family
(Found in the DC250 style)
WorkCentre 7655, 7665, 7675
WorkCentre 7755, 7765, 7775
Xerox® 8825 family
(Found in the 2510 style)
8825, 8830
Xerox® C32 style
CopyCentre C32, C40
WorkCentre M32, M40, Pro32, Pro40
WorkCentre M24
DocuColor DC1632, DC2240, DC3535,
Xerox® C35 style
CopyCentre C35, C45, C55
WorkCentre M35, M45, M55
WorkCentre Pro35, Pro45, Pro55
WorkCentre Bookmark 40, Bookmark 55,
& WorkCentre 5030, 5050

C35 style by OEM#s
Xerox® C118 style
CopyCentre C118
WorkCentre M118, M118i
C118 style by OEM#s
Xerox® C123 style
CopyCentre C123, C128, C133
WorkCentre M123, M128, M133,
WorkCentre Pro123, Pro128, Pro133,

C123 style by OEM#s
Xerox® C2128 family
(Found in the C32 style)
CopyCentre C2128, C2636, C3545
WorkCentre C2128, C2636, C3545
ProC2128, ProC2636, ProC3545
Xerox® Color 550 family
(Found in the DC250 style)
Color 550, 560
Xerox® DC12 style
DC 12, DCCS 50

DC12 style by OEM#s
Xerox® DC212 style
DC 212, DC 214
Xerox® DC220 style
(Document Centre)
DC220, DC230, DC420, DC426
Xerox® DC250 style
DocuColor DC240, DC242, DC250,
DC252, DC260
Xerox® DC265 style
(Document Centre)
DC- 240, 255, 265
460, 470, 480, 490
Pro65, Pro75, Pro90
DP65, DP75, DP90
DT65, DT75, DT90
Xerox® DC332 family
(Found in the DC220 style)
DC332, DC340, DC425,
DC430, DC432, DC440
Digital Bookmark
Xerox® DC555 family
(Found in the C35 style)
(DocumentCentre) DC535,
DC545, DC555
Xerox® M20 family
(Found in the Pro412 style)
CopyCentre C20
WorkCentre M20, M20i, 4118,
& FaxCentre 2218
Xerox® N24 family
(Found in the DC220 style)
(DocuPrint) N24, N32, N40
N3225, N4025
Xerox® PE16 & PE120 styles
(WorkCentre) PE16, PE16i,
(WorkCentre) PE120, PE120i
Xerox® Phaser 4500 style
Phaser 4500 & 4510
Xerox® Phaser 5500 style
Phaser 5500, 5550
Phaser 5500 style by OEM#s
Xerox® Phaser 7500 style
Phaser 7500
Xerox® Phaser 7700 style
Phaser 7700, 7750, 7760
Xerox® Pro412 style
WC312, Pro412, M15,
M15i& FaxCentre F12

Pro412 style by OEM#s
Xerox® Pro416 style
Pro416, Pro421
Xerox® Pro423 style
Pro423, Pro428
Xerox® Pro645 style
Pro634, Pro645, Pro657
Xerox® Pro665 style
Pro665, Pro685, Pro765, Pro785
Xerox® WC-232 family
(Found in the C35 style)
CopyCentre C232, C238, C245,
C255, C265, C275
WorkCentre 232, 238,
245, 255, 265, 275, 5135 & 5150
Pro232, Pro238, Pro245,
Pro255, Pro265, Pro275
Xerox® WC385 style
WC 385, 390,
DocuPrint P8e, P8ex
Xerox® XC23 style
XC23, XC33, XC33D,

XC23 style by OEM#s
Xerox® XC810 style
XC810, XC811, XC820,
XC822, XC830, XC865,
XC1020, XC1033,
XC1040, XC1044,
XC1045, XC1245,

XC810 style by OEM#s
Xerox® XD100 style
XD100, XD102, XD103,
XD104, XD105, XD120,
XD122, XD125, XD130,
Pro16fx, Pro16p, Pro215
XL 2120, XL2130, XL2140, XL2150
Xerox® XE60 style
XE60, XE62, XE80,
XE82, XE88, XE90fx,
also Docuprint P8
The Parts Drop is a family owned business. Our home is at 26 Palisade Avenue in Bergenfield, NJ 07621.
Thank you for your business!

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